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On The Road
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Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12th - Lady of Guadalupe Day

December 12th is a big religious holiday in Mexico celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe. Loud fireworks are a big part of the celebration and go on almost continually from the day before and throughout the holiday. Much to the pup's dismay.

We went into town twice today, once in the car to drop off our laundry and stop at the coffee house to pick up a couple of kilos. Then again by foot where we stopped at a bakery to order a "tres leche" (three milk) cake to bring to a dinner party we were invited to on Christmas day. This is with the parents of Janelle, owner of the park where we are staying.

While in town we did a little shopping, Diane had to buy some socks as she only packed one pair for the trip and one of those is missing. (Leo is a suspect). Somehow my hat got all bent out of shape and I can't straighten it but I was able to find a good replacement and my pull-top hat band looks good on it. Before heading back to the motorhome we stopped at one of our favorite little restaurants (La Casita Restaurant) for fish tacos.

We had some of the fish I bought from the local fishermen last night and it was delicious cooked on the bbq. Tonight we had some of the shrimp and it too was great.

La Penita Coffee Shop

La Casita Restaurant

Fish Tacos

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