On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Monday, November 26, 2012

Its still pretty warm here during the day but it rained last night.. probably just going to raise the humidly.

Janelle and Trent the park owners arrived yesterday afternoon after a drive down from Sacramento. Their house here at the park was burglarized several months ago and all the small appliances and dishes were stolen. Fortunately no windows were broken but they're still having to replace a bunch of things.

There's five dogs here at the park now, Leo & Hayley, Janelle and Trent's two beagles "Buddy & Jake" and "Tinto" the little pup owned by the lady who rents the gate house.

                                    Leo and little friend

We met a local family (mother and two young daughters) who wanted to improve their English skills so Diane volunteered to help them a couple of times a week after school. Maybe we can do a bit of a trade and they can help with our Spanish.

                Diane helping local family with English

I took Leo to the groomer this morning. We decided instead of leaving both dogs there all day we'd do them one at a time and one of us would stay there the whole time. Because of Leo's tight curry coat, it took about four hours for a trim and bath. Cost $300 pesos. It's Hayley's turn tomorrow morning.