On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Final Packing and Tire Problem

All the last minute things are being loaded and departure for Ottawa is scheduled for tomorrow. Its always amazing how much stuff is hauled out from the house to the motorhome when we get ready for a trip.
A couple of days ago I discovered there was a leaky air valve on one of my inner rear tires. On the inside tire there should be a 4 inch valve extension to allow air pressure checks and putting additional air in the tire if needed. Apparently the last time I had the tires checked and rotated, the tire shop did not have one of these extensions and used four small 1 inch extensions instead. The small leak was from one of these small extensions. I took the motorhome to a tire shop in town where they diagnosed the problem but did not have a 4 inch extension. They did however remove the 4 small extensions to stop the leak and said I should check with a local RV Shop as they sold the 4 inch extensions I needed but the RV shop did not install them. Now I am unable to reach the inside tire valve to check the tire valve and to install the extension valve the outer tire must be removed. This involves heavy duty jacks and tools I don't have.
As we don't plan on leaving until noon tomorrow, I may take the motorhome to the tire shop to have the extension installed first thing in the morning.