On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day on the Road

Went over to the tire repair shop first thing and had the 4 inch valve extension installed. All is good now with the tires however old Mr. Murphy and his famous law is still hanging around. The latch on one of the motorhomes basement doors stopped working and now I can't get the door open and of course its the compartment where my tool box is. Looking on line it seems that this is not an unusual problem and I will have to crawl through from an adjoining compartment and unscrew the backing plate from the door latch. I've put that chore off until I get to Ottawa and see if I can do it someday when I've nothing better to do.
We left home today about 11:15am and headed north east. Just before we crossed from Texas in Louisiana on highway 20 we heard a big bang that seemed to come from under the motorhome. I pulled off the highway thinking that we might have blown a tire but after looking all around both the motorhome and Jeep could find nothing wrong. There was also no indication of something wrong with the engine or steering and it just had to be added to the mysteries one encounters on the road.
We were able to get 272 miles behind us the first day and stopped at a roadside rest area just west of Monroe, Louisiana.
Just before stopping we drove through a big thunder storm that had the dogs hiding in the step well of the motorhome.