On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The painting crew showed up this morning and brought all their equipment in a truck that they parked beside the motorhome. After checking to see if all the masking was correct the painter started to spray the primer coat of paint.

Unfortunately I had to leave as my dentist had scheduled my root canal this morning. When I was gone the painter applied the paint where the decals had been. There are three swirls on the motorhome and we had asked that they be painted black, cranberry red and light grey.  Unfortunately the color they chose for cranberry was more of a dark brown very close to black.  So tomorrow when they get here I'll show them what cranberry looks like, (we have a broom with a cranberry colored handle) and have them repaint those areas that are brown.

      Painting the Dutch Star

The dentist that did my root canal has his office above a small grocery store on the main street of La Penita.  I was a few minutes early and took a few pictures from the balcony. The dentist office was very clean with modern dental equipment and the charge for a root canal including before and after x-rays was 1,300 pesos (just under $100.00 USD

            Dental Office waiting room 

             Main Blvd. of La Penita