On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Checking Out the Sun Seeker

During our latest trip to Ottawa we decided we definitely wanted to return to Mexico this winter but felt that the large class A motorhome (the Dutch Star) was not the best vehicle to drive on the narrow Mexican roads. Also, many of the RV parks in Mexico cannot accomodate a large Class A motorhome.

We decided a smaller Class C would be more appropriate and started our search for one when we arrived home and the result was our purchase of our (new to us) Sun Seeker. Our Pequeno Casa de Perro rodante.

We were invited for a three day camping trip with our friends at a local Corps of Engineer RV park about 75 miles from home and thought this would be a good chance to ease into the changes we had coming. Going from the Dutch Star to the Sun Seeker required some adjustments as the space we were accustomed to was no longer there.
The things we missed the most was the large refrigerator and counter space we have in the Dutch Star but as its possible to buy fresh food on a daily basis in Mexico and the fact that we'd be doing most of the cooking and eating outside the motorhome we should be ok.

We also discovered the screen door does not close properly and gives an annoying rattle when driving so that is one of my priority projects.

Leo and Hayley had no problem adjusting. As long as their food and water dishes were there and they were able to jump up into our bed at night, they were happy.

The Brake Assist unit (Brake Buddy) we use for the Jeep had to go back to the factory for repair so we didn't tow anything behind the Sun Seeker during this first trip. As soon as we get the Brake Buddy back we'll hook up the Jeep and see how the Sun Seeker handles the load. I'll make another post when we do that.

We've been in contact with a another couple who will be traveling to the same area of Mexico during the same time and will try to meet up with them before crossing the border sometime around the 20th of November.