On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Saturday, August 3, 2019

It's been a few years since my last posts... mainly due to less travels in the motorhome and my lazy self.

Previous posts described my frustration with the motorhome's refrigerator. Well, solved that problem by taking the propane/electric refrigerator out and replacing it with a residential one. It can run either shore power or by running the motorhome generator. Much better at less than half the cost of the original propane refrigerator.
The other big change is the loss of our two Portuguese Water Dogs... Leo with cancer and Hayley with a stroke. We miss both and our only pup now is Bonnie who keeps us busy.
Our present plans are to leave the motorhome at home and drive to British Columbia to visit my sister. The cost of driving the motorhome is about the same as driving by car when you compare mpg and the cost of the ferry. Plus Diane can drive the car but is not comfortable driving the motorhome.
We plan on leaving Livingston on Friday, August 9th and be gone approximately three weeks. We will be taking our laptops and I will try to update our travels each night.
We still plan on heading to Mexico sometime in October and will be driving our car for that trip which is much cheaper than with the motorhome plus the park we go to has a small casita we rent.
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