On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Monday, December 26, 2011

December 25th & 26th

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas at the RV park. The waves were still quite high so we couldn't take the pups to the beach. This combined with the loud fireworks being set off during the day didn't make the pups happy at all.

At 3:00pm we put the tres leche cake in the car together with the gifts we bought and drove to the Christmas party at Janelle's parents in Guaybitos that we were invited to. Janelle's parents bought a vacant lot in Guayabitos about seven years ago and built the house themselves. It is a very nice three story home that gives them a view of the bay and displayes their many homemaking talents. Several other couples were there and everyone brought something for the Christmas pot-luck. There was more delicious food than we could eat and after stuffing ourselves we gave out the gifts we bought for each other. The evening ended with a fun card game called "contento"

When we arrived back home, I noticed that we missed a Skype call from Fred & Sherry, a couple from Arizona that we met a couple of years ago. We called them back and learned that they'll be leaving Arizona on Thursday and will be staying at an RV park in Guayabitos. It'll be good to see them and Sherry is one of Diane's shopping buddies so they might end up going to Tonala near Guadalajara where they have a city wide market day each Thursday and Sunday.

On Monday we finished breakfast early as we expected a couple of local young men to be here at 9:00am to wash and wax the motorhome.
By noon there was no sign of the two guys but this is Mexico and they may show up tomorrow... we'll see.

In the afternoon Diane and I drove to Guayabitos to check out the RV park Fred and Sherry will be staying at and to confirm that there'll be a space for them when they arrive. During this Christmas-New Years holiday week all the beach towns are over flowing with people. I'm glad our park is close enough to down town to walk to.