On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day we took it easy in the morning then drove to town to pick up  our laundry we had left at the laundramat the day before. The owner of the laundramat recognized us and welcomed us back to La Penita.
As we were already in town we walked to the Thursday market looking for a table cloth and small carpet for the motorhome. There were fewer people at the market, at least fewer "gringos" as most of the winter snowbirds have yet to arrive.
While walking through the market we came  upon a young Mexican making eye glass holders, the kind you hang around your neck. He had a big collection of ones with people's name woven into them but none with my name.  He said "no problema, I'll make one for you in 10 minutes" I didn't necessarily want my name on one but asked him to make one with the word "Mexico" woven into it. It was interesting to watch him weave the name and background with different colours of thread and as he said, it took him about 10 minutes.

Later in the day we were to meet Jeremy and Jane our travel buddies at 4:00 pm at Las Compadres Restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner. We got messed up with the time zone thing and got there an hour early and at about what we thought was 4:30 but was really 3:30 we decided to order, thinking that Jeremy and Jane couldn't find the restaurant. However when we told the waitress we'd like to order, she said "sorry but you can't order until 4:00 and its only 3:30. ...It kind of dawned on us why Jeremy and Jane had yet to show up.  But they did shortly after and we had a delicious dinner although not turkey.

Shortly after getting up this morning this area of La Penita had an electrical brown out that lasted about 4 hours. It didn't really affect us too much as we could switch our refridgerator over to L.P. gas and our solar panels on the roof provide electrical power for any other needs we have.
The front of our motorhome is facing south so that it gets really hot when the sun shines in the big front windshield so this morning Diane and I covered the inside of the windows with thin mylar reflective emergency blanket sheeting. It's made a big difference in the temperature inside the rv.
In the afternoon the pups were letting us know they came to Mexico play in the surf so we gathered up our umbrella and beach chairs and we all headed to the beach.

The sunsets here in La Penita are still some of the nicest.