On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Sunday, February 24, 2013

As we're leaving soon, one of the things we wanted to do is buy a good quantity of fresh fish we could put in our freezer. We went down to Guayabitos about a week ago where the fishermen sell their catch of their boats but there was no large Dorado fish available. However when we went again a yesterday, one of the fishermen had a couple of good size ones.  We picked out one that was about four feet in length and had it filleted and cut into meal size pieces. Total cost 450 pesos.. about $33.00 dollars.
When we returned home we washed it all in fresh water and put it in freezer bags in meal size servings. Total number of bags.. 17.  So 17 meals for the two of us for $33.00

     17 Bags of Dorado fish

Our departure date has been changed a little as Jane and Jeremy need to get back to Florida for the closing of the sale of their condo.  We'll now be leaving La Penita on Saturday, March 2nd.

For those looking at a map, our trip home will take us around Guadalajara then up to Aguascalientes, then to Zacatecas, from there to Saltillo, around Monterry and then to the border at Laredo/Columbia bridge and into Texas.