On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The rain let up last night fortunately for us as we walked to town to have fish tacos for supper. One of our favorite restaurant has the best fish tacos you'd ever want.

The clouds were breaking up just before sunset and I was able to get a nice picture of the sunset.
Sunset - La Penita
 At about 5:00am this morning I woke up and saw a full moon setting. I tried to get a picture through the bedroom window but no luck so I had to make a quick bare-butt run out the door to get the moonset picture. Diane asked if I was mooning the moon.
Moonset - 5:00am - Heaven's Gate RV Park

The pups hair seems to be going through a growing spurt so we spent several hours giving Leo a trim. Later we let them out the gate to the beach to run and play. They really like that beach.

We drove to town to get a few supplies and also to check on the location of a dentist we want to go to and will stop there tomorrow to make an appointment. The dentist has a special promotion giving two cleanings for the price of one.

Our friends, Fred and Sherry sent us a note letting us know they've arrived and we made plans to meet tomorrow morning at the Rincon de Guayabitos market. We'll probably go for lunch later.