On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Monday, December 17, 2012

Today was a slow day... not much going on. The weather has been getting a little cooler, especially in the early morning when the dogs let me know they want out by sitting on me while we're still in bed.

La Penita's water supply has been off for the past several days. The RV park is set up so that there's two water cisterns that the city water comes into. From the cisterns the water is pumped to the house and the RV sites.  One cistern feeds the house and the little casita at the gate plus one side of the park's RV sites. The other side of the park is fed by the second cistern. We're fortunate to be on the side having its own cistern. Anyway, Janelle, the park owner has had to call a water delivery truck that holds about 10 thousand gallons to fill up the cisterns every couple of days.

When asking why the town's water system is not working, the explanation runs from mechanical problems to political problems as every level of government is changing since the recent elections. The estimate is 10 to 12 days before things get back to normal. Of course that's Mexico time.

In the afternoon our Mexican friend Hector who we met last year walked into the park with his little boy. Hector is the person who helped us last year when our Jeep's starter quit in Guayabitos. He took Diane and the dogs back to the park in La Penita and found a mechanic who repaired the starter.  Hector works in the U.S. but his family lives here in La Penita and he comes down each winter season for a couple of months. We had a nice visit and we'll certainly be seeing him again while we're here.

The cover to our air conditioner has yet to show up. If you remember, the mobile wash guy took it to get it repaired by a fiberglass guy.