On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yesterday was Sherry's birthday and we planned to meet at one of the local beach restaurants for dinner however the place was crowded and the only table was in front of the live band. The noise level was so loud we could hardly hear ourselves so we decided to leave and find a quieter place.  We ended up at another of our favorite restaurants about half a mile down the beach and had a nice birthday celebration diner.

Today was Tianguis Day (market day) in La Penita and we found a carpet runner that Diane has been wanting for our house back in Livingston. It's about 2ft by 6ft and made of wool woven by Mayan Indians.

     Artist using only fingernails
      Fingernail paintings

     Mariachi Band at the market

     Lots of baskets for sale

The market seemed busy today. Nice to see lots of people spending money which helps out the local economy (people).

We ran into a couple of friends (Des and Joanie) from Saskatchewan who we haven't seen since last year. They're also friends of Fred and Sherry and we told them we were meeting for lunch and invited them to join us which they did.

Vegetables are abundant and inexpensive down here and I especially like the local radishes that are much better tasting than the ones you find back home. When leaving the market we came across a truck filled with them and bought a large bunch (about 60 radishes) for 10 pesos. (approx .85 cents)

     Truck full of radishes