On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Long drive today from the middle of Arizona we stayed on highway 40 to Kingman then looped south and crossed into California at Needles then north on highway 95 and back into Nevada and continued north to Indian Springs about 25 miles north of Las Vegas. Just over 400 miles today.

The roads in Arizona are some of the worse we've seen to date. Every once in a while you'd see a sign saying "Rough Road".. I guess a sign is cheaper than road repair. Stopped for fuel just before the California border. It was still under $4.00 per gallon. The two truck stops across the road from each other were real busy. I guess the truckers knew something about the prices in California.

We started the day up at about 6,000 feet with cool weather but now we're back in the Nevada desert and 100 degree weather. The air conditioner is being kept busy but for some reason our Magic Fan over the kitchen isn't working.

We wanted to find a camp ground to stay the night but really didn't come across any that looked all that great. Never one around when you want it. We saw a sign for one just out of Kingman, Arizona on old route 66 but when we got there it looked like a vintage park that was made for older small rigs. No way we could fit. Then we thought we'd find a park as we got closer to Las Vegas but there was none on the highway and we didn't want to get off the main freeway that we were taking through the city.  Several times in the past, we've stopped at a Casino in Indian Springs Nevada that had parking in the back for RVs so we headed there. The Casino also has a nice restaurant so after a long day we had a nice supper of steak and eggs.

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