On The Road

On The Road
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 19th

Diane had another short meeting this morning with other school volunteers. When she returned we decided to take a drive to Sayulita a town about 20 miles south of La penita.

We had been to Sayulita during our other trips to Mexico and found that it's very popular with the young crowd. It remains a beach town filled with young people and we headed for a popular restaurant called Rollie's that is famous for it's breakfasts. Unfortunately breakfast is the only thing that is served and the restaurant was closing as we arrived.

Fortunately because we've been to Sayulita in the past we knew of another restaurant we liked. Sometimes when in Mexico we miss American food so today we had a cheesburger and BBQ'd pork sandwich.

When we returned, just as we were about to open the gate at Heaven's Gate park another couple from Quebec walked up and wanted to know about the park. The owners were not home so I showed them around and answered their questions the best I could. They seemed to be looking at everything available park-wise in town and that was the last we saw of them.

Mexico Version of a Walmart Greeter

Rollie's Restaurant

Banana Tree behind Sayulita Restaurant

One Type of Mexican Topes

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