On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 6 & 7 Ottawa to Livingston

Day 6 was a no drive day that we took off to relax at the campground in Edward, Mississippi.

We got an early start on our last day on the road and because it was Sunday there wasn't much traffic. The campground we stayed at was at the end of a half mile dirt road that covered the Jeep with dirt when we drove in and when we drove out. We drove through a little bit of rain in Louisiana but only enough to make the dust and dirt on the Jeep into mud. It'll have to be washed before we can drive it anywhere.

As it was no use stopping for the night when only a 100 miles or so from home, we continued and arrived home about 4:00pm. It was good to get home and after unloading just the essential items out of the motorhome we decided to leave the rest until tomorrow.

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