On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The paint crew arrived early this morning and finished taping the motorhome. Diane and I and the pups were not able to get in the motorhome so we had to sit outside all day watching the paint crew work. Thankfully, Janelle the owner of the park let us use the bathroom in her house if needed.

When the taping was finished the painting began. There was only the top white portion of the motorhome to paint but that area had lots of masking and taping that had to be done.
Originally I thought that after the paint was applied there would be a clear-coat applied on top but the owner of the paint shop told me that they would be using a different process where the clear-coat material was pre-mixed with the paint. The mixture actually gave the job a better result than if the clear-coat was applied on top of the paint.

We're quite happy with the next-to-final result thinking the old Dutch Star never looked so good. The final process takes place tomorrow when the whole coach is buffed and polished.

    Masking and painting the Dutch Star

      New paint job for the Dutch Star

Later in the afternoon one of the girls (Jessica) Diane helped last year with English lessons came to visit together with her aunt.  They asked again if Diane could spend some time again this year with Jessica to help with learning English.  Diane agreed and will be working with her for a couple of hours each Saturday.
As we weren't able to access the motorhome all day, we treated ourselves to a restaurant dinner with our friends Fred and Sherry. One of the topics of conversation while eating was our planned trip to Tonala on December 18th. 

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