On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

After getting everything packed in the Dutch Star we left home in Livingston about 8:50am, an early start for us.

The weather reports for areas we'd be traveling through called for heavy rain and flooding through the remainder of the week so a last minute change was decided on. We'd head north on highway 45 from Huntsville to Dallas and then from Dallas north on highway 35 to Oklahoma City where we'd catch highway 40 that would take us west toward the California/Nevada border. From there we go north to highway 80 near Reno and then west on 80 to Sacramento.

The first day's trip was uneventful except for the hot weather. The dash air conditioner while blowing quite well did not blow cold air. Hopefully its something minor.

We planned on getting to an Oklahoma state park on Lake Murray, about 30 miles north of the Texas/Oklahoma border the first day and arrived here about 3:00pm. I always have a problem finding the rv camping areas in large state parks as the map they give you is never detailed enough but we finally set up the Dutch Star in a nice lake side site. The dogs were going crazy after seeing the water and before we were able to do anything else, they dragged us to the beach. We let them swim and play for a while and then headed back to the motorhome to get something to eat. The first day on the road is always the hardest and we'll probably head for bed early.

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