On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We've been making plans for a several day trip to Tonala which is the biggest outdoor market in all of Mexico. Anything you can think of.. they have it.  Our plans were to go with Jeremy and Jane in their truck and follow Fred and Sherry in their car. We made reservations at the motel in Tonala we like to stay in and made arrangements with a very nice dog boarding facility in Lo De Marcos.  Our plan was to leave next Wednesday morning and get to Tonala that afternoon. The market day is Thursday and would spend the day shopping and then drive back to La Penita on Friday.

Something often goes wrong with best laid plans and yesterday we got an email from Jeremy and Jane telling us that their condo in Florida that they've had for sale, has a buyer. However the buyers want to close the end of January and Jane must fly back to Florida to sign all the papers and so they are unable to go to Tonala.

That left us wondering what we could do. No room with Fred and Sherry as they already have four in their car.  Because the PT Cruiser was giving us problems lately we were a little hesitant to chance driving it a couple of hundred miles to Tonala. However the car drove perfectly when I was able to cancel out the check engine light. I decided to take the car to a local mechanic that had a computer diagnostic system in his shop however when hooked to the computer no problem was evident.

Several people have told me that if the gas cap is not securely on, it might cause the car's computer to believe something is wrong and have the check engine light come on.
So.. if the car keeps running fine from now until next Wednesday, we're going to chance it.

Its been a little cool here the past several days with a little rain as well however today is bright and sunny again with warm temperatures. 

We took a little walk through the Thursday market today and I bought one of those big fancy sombreros.  It was funny as when I asked the vendor the price, he said "750 pesos" I laughed and said I saw a guy on the beach selling them for 300 pesos.  Immediately the vendor said.."ok.. give me 300 pesos"

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