On The Road

On The Road
Dutch Star and Subaru ready to go

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The temperature and humidy has been getting a little better lately and the pups are happy with their hair cuts. The pups enjoy going to the beach but we have to limit them to every other day as swallowing salt water results in runny poops.
                                  Veterinaria and Groomer

 Leo's new haircut

Hayley's new haircut

Work is being done at the campground. All the weeds and wild grass that was growing all over has been cleaned up and today the owners are having the main building and fence power washed and repainted. They've also had all the old tiles removed from the roof and will be getting a new roof installed. This whole project will take about a week so we're going to wait until its all finished before we call the car wash guy to clean the motorhome.

We've been settleing in. Next week Diane will be going over to the school where she's volunteering with kindergarten kids helping them with English. We drove over to see the school yesterday and almost lost the PT Cruiser in the pot holes. A taxi will be used to get back and forth. She also has two sisters coming over to our motorhome a couple of times a week to practice their English.
                         Diane helping kids with their English

My Verizon phone doesn't seem to work down  here, even with their Mexico Global Plan so I bought a cheap cell phone that allows me to make calls within Mexico. You're charged by the minute (8.5 pesos) and you buy time on the SIM card. The minutes never expire and are good until you use them.. Then you just buy more time/minutes.

Some people prefer fresh milk straight from the cow and this fellow is seen around town each morning on his mule selling milk by the jug. (you supply the jug)
                                    Milk Delivery

We buy our purified water in 5 gallon bottles and have been using a little pump to get the water out but today at the weekly market we bought a water dispenser that holds a couple of gallons. Much nicer but we won't be able to use it when driving the motorhome.

                                           Water Dispenser           

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