On The Road

On The Road
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5th

Hayley's bleeding foot was all better this morning. Surprisingly the bandage we put on her foot last night was still there in the morning.

The propane (butane) truck showed up this morning as well as the purified water delivery truck so we're in good shape. For those not familiar with drinking water in Mexico... everyone including Mexicans buy purified water in sealed five gallon bottles. These are available in just about every large and small grocery stores. Delivery trucks full of the five gallon bottles also roam every neighborhood so there's no problem having good water.

The purchase of milk is another product that different in Mexico. The milk is "super pasteurized" meaning that does not have to be refrigerated until it is opened. It is bought in one liter boxes that you can just store on a shelf for several months until you open it. As well as our supply for daily usage, we usually buy several boxes before leaving for home.

Later in the morning we walked over to the Thursday Market in La Penita. We didn't have anything specific in mind but ended up buying a table cloth and also a sink for our guest bathroom in our home in Livingston. Now we just have to talk a couple of very talented people we know and who happen to live next door into redoing the bathroom counter top.

On our way home we stopped for lunch where our favorite waiter works and gave him the hat band I made for his son. We hadn't seen him for several days but the timing of the gift is perfect as tomorrow, January 6th is "Three Kings Day" in Mexico and this is when Mexican children receive Christmas gifts. Not on December 25th. Three Kings Day celebrates the gifts the three kings brought to baby Jesus.

Our New Bathroom Sink

Five gallon purified water bottle

One Liter Box of Super Pasteurized Milk

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