On The Road

On The Road
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Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16th

We had eaten all the fish in our freezer so I took off to Guaybitos this morning where the fishermen sell their catch early each morning.

If you wanted to eat a healthy diet of mostly fish, this would be the place to be. In the pictures below you can see how the fishermen place their varied catch cross the bow of their boat. You pick out the fish you want, they weigh it and will fillet it if you want.

Dorado is an excellent tasting and highly prized fish. The Dorado being held by the fisherman in the picture is the fish I chose. I forget how much it weighed but the price was 150 pesos. About $11.50 U.S. I had it filleted and Diane and I cut it up into five meal size portions. One for tonight's dinner and four for the freezer. Not bad for $11.00

We still had a couple of bags of shrimp in the freezer so I didn't buy any today but did take a couple of pictures.

Our Chosen Dorado

Filleting the Dorado

Fish for Sale on Bow of Boat

Another Boat with Fish for Sale

Different Size Shrimp for Sale

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